THIS Quarterly (Timely Health Information & Style) is an up and coming publication that aims to bridge the divide between sensible living and style. With an eye to current issues on health and healthcare in general, nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exquisite taste in life, THIS Quarterly is targeted at professionals, business executives and the upscale populace who want to stay informed about what’s important to keep healthy and what’s relevant to living well.

Each issue of THIS Quarterly will present content on the latest trends in the area of healthcare for well-heeled readers. It highlights important themes in healthcare that have a direct impact on the readers’ physical wellbeing and future living. Supporting the publication is a panel of experienced medical and dental specialists as well as healthcare professionals, specialising in aesthetic medicine, dentistry, cardiology, O&G, otorhinolaryngology, orthopaedics and more.

Complementing the health-related content are the lifestyle stories that bring readers up to date on the latest fashion, jewellery and accessories, and other accoutrements for elegant living. Readers will find useful visual tips and comprehensive guides on the latest trends and best buys from exquisite stores and malls. THIS Quarterly’s tagline – rational thinking, sensible living – embodies the measured approach that modern-day professionals adopt to live their lives to the fullest. Be it to constantly staying in the pink of health, or to be informed of the latest trends in looking good and comfortably dressed.

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