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Eden Publishing (EP) is a media and publishing house providing creative and cost effective media solutions. We have a team of lively professionals who blend outstanding creativity with a deep strategic understanding of our clients business. Our dynamic media planning and media buying deliver highly effective campaigns compared ranging from traditional press to online and digital media. From its early days of being a print-only publication through to today’s dynamic group of media, we have been at the forefront of helping customers attain maximum value from their marketing budgets.

Our product range comprises magazines, supplements, online industry portals & online media, website design consultancy, and PDF newsletters. We provide a strong mix of print, online and direct marketing opportunities that allow our clients to maximize the breadth and impact of their messages.

EP seeks to inform and educate its clients become more effective in building brands and reaching consumers across a variety of touch points, in an intensely-competitive and cluttered marketplace. In addition, EP has also expanded its geographical coverage, distributing across the whole of Asia-Pacific including traditionally strong markets in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as emerging markets such as China and India.

At EP, we understand that earning trust and positive recommendations from our customers is an essential part of maintaining our reputation as a leader in magazine and online publishing. By proactively listening and learning from our customers, EP continues its commitment to customer excellence by delivering innovative marketing solutions and services of the highest business standards.